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Dental Health and Root Canals

A healthy mouth equals a healthy body.  A heathy nerve in the tooth equals a healthy mouth.  Root canals are a simple modern dental procedure involving one to three office visits. Best of all, having a root canal can save your tooth and your smile.

What is a root canal?

A tooth’s nerve is the space in the center of the tooth that acts as a sensory organ to sense hot and cold.  Due the great amount of  feeling in our mouth, the absence  of a tooth’s nerve does not affect our mouth in any way.

Cracks or a tooth with a  deep cavity, germs can enter the center of the tooth and can cause an infection inside the tooth.  Abscess may form if left untreated. If the infection persist the jaw bone can be damaged and you may loose the tooth.

 Do I Need a Root Canal?

Signs of a root canal do not always present as pain. Most common signs of a root canal include toothache,  chewing pain, lingering pain to hot and cold temperatures, a dark tooth, and swelling gums. An exam with a dentist is the best choice if any of these signs or symptoms arise.

The Root Canal Procedure

Once the tooth has been diagnosed, the dentist or endodontist(dentist who specializes in root canal treatment) will removed the inner part of the tooth.  He will then clean, shape and disinfect this inner area and seal with a rubber like material.  Once completed in one to two visits, it is very important to have the tooth restored with a bonded restoration or crown.  The importance of the second step helps prevent any future issues of fracture and if cared for correctly a root canal treated tooth can last a lifetime.


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