General & Family Dentistry

West Ashley Dental Associates takes pride in treating the entire family. Our office commitment is to provide the best dental care in a friendly relaxed environment. We treat adults, children and seniors with a preventative approach. For children, our concentration is on good oral health to prevent cavities and for adults and seniors concentration on the teeth, gum tissue, and supporting bone health.

Research has showed a link between heart disease and gum disease. We strive on making healthy mouths which in turn create healthy bodies.

Digital Radiographs: This new, safer technology markedly reduces Radiation exposure and is available to all our patients. This technique allows us to display our x-ray images almost instantly on a computer screen for review by the doctor and the patient. Digital x-rays use 60-80% less radiation than conventional x-rays.

Advanced Computer Technology “To see what we see” To care for you more effectively, we use an advanced computer system integrated with intra-oral pictures which provide you the opportunity to view areas of concern. Seeing what we see allows you to make informed, intelligent, logical and worthwhile decisions about your dental health choices.

After all diagnostic material has been taken and evaluated, a comprehensive consultation to learn about your dental history and lifestyle is done. You are an active part of your dental health program. Your personal goals, existing home dental health care and past dental experiences are discussed in a confidential and understanding way. The result is a customized personal dental health program that works because it incorporates necessary treatment and patient person preferences. “We try to give you the right information to make the right decision.”


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