What Patients Say

“I became a patient at West Ashley Dental before they moved to the current location. I was about 22, so that was 43 years ago. Before that time, I had broken and dead teeth. I was embarrassed because my teeth were different shades of gray and white. I didn’t know my teeth were not supposed to hurt! Dr. Stanley Toporek cured me of that delusion! I experienced a financial crisis shortly after he corrected my teeth. He insisted on my continuing my dental care, paying only $10 a month until I got back on my feet. I happily transferred my care to Dr. Martin Toporek when he began practicing, and he exceeded my expectations. HE IS A GENTLE DENTIST! He has carried through with not only fantastic care, but is always accessible. I cannot say enough about Dr. Martin or his staff. I’m a patient for life.” – Patty T

“Thank you for making my nightguard. I am amazed at how well it works. My jaw has been relaxed in the morning since the first time I wore it. I also notice that during the day, I am keeping my jaw more relaxed without trying to. I really appreciated all your skilled help and expertise. All my best.” – Jessica J

“I wanted to Thank You and your wonderful staff for being so patient and kind to me. I was very nervous and scared. You all made me feel safe; you took your time with me. I want you to know how important you all are and how much of a difference you all make in the lives of people like me. From the deepest part of my heart, I want to say thank you.” – Karen S

“I wanted to take time to once again thank you and your staff for all you’ve done. Folks don’t always take the time to help someone less fortunate. What you did was nothing short of a miracle for me. Your act of kindness and generosity is something I won’t soon forget. This is the first time anyone has done something so selfless and wonderful for ME! Usually I am on the giving end not the receiving end. May God bless you, your staff & your practice. PS. You could have settled with second-best; you chose to give the best of your time and materials. It didn’t go un-noticed.” – Mary W

“Thank you so much for fixing my front tooth. My wedding photos are going to look amazing! This is one of the nicest gifts that I have every time I smile. Thank you so much!!” – Mrs. Martschi C

“When I first came over here 5 years ago – I wasn’t you guys biggest fans. Embarrassed, 37 year old woman who was 1st deathly afraid of any dentist. And having a mouth full of cavities and lots of missing teeth. I felt ashamed. But you, Dr. Martin, with your staff made me feel like there was hope for my teeth. Over a short period of time you guys made me feel comfortable and restored my self esteem. Your compassion and kindness was never absent at each and every visit. Even when I experienced financial issues, your excellent service never changed. You worked with me on my terms for my convenience. Thank you all so much. You have Blessed me in ways my heart could not convey. Thank You for being the best professional caring staff that I have ever experienced. Forever humble and grateful.” – Ms. Stacey G

“Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Thank you so much for helping me with my tooth. I’m glad to have a caring dentist like you and appreciate all that you have done.” – Ms. Charlotte D

“I was very self conscious about my weak, discolored front teeth before Dr. Toporek created my veneers. Now I find myself smiling more since my teeth no longer embarrass me.” – Abigail L