Cosmetic Dentistry – Charleston, SC

Improving your smile today can be done in many ways. Some solutions involving one appointment while others take several appointments. At West Ashley Dental Associates we strive on excellence and taking a comprehensive approach towards all cosmetic cases. Our goal is for our result to be beautiful, function properly and last many years.

With today’s dental technology the dentist, in a way, has a “magic wand” to transform the smallest and largest cosmetic cases to beautiful smiles done with veneers, crowns and bridges, implants and dentures.

Radiographs, exams and proper diagnosis are formulated and the best treatment plan is made for the health and beauty of your mouth. If this evaluation of the health of the entire masticatory system is not made (tissue, bone and TMJ joints), the final results and longevity of the dentistry may be jeopardized.

Does your smile need updating?

Your teeth can be the most striking feature on your face. With advances in dentistry you need not have stained, chipped or mis-shaped teeth. There are many comfortable techniques that can improve natural appearance and improve your smile!

Natural tooth-colored restorations, free of mercury, are available and are esthetically and functionally pleasing!


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