MicroThin Veneers

A dental veneer returns natural beauty to chipped, spaced or discolored teeth. Bonding of contact lens size pieces of porcelain glass can help achieve a beautiful smile makeover. For the right patient a minimal or no drill approach has many benefits. Patients always ask “How much of my tooth are you goin to drill away.” With a MicroThin veneer there can be no drilling or shots! The veneer is bonded to the front surface of your tooth and avoids the sensitive area of the tooth.

Advantages of MicroThin Veneers

  • Close gaps and spaces (diastema)
  • Lengthen and make teeth bigger for people who need a broader smile (narrow jaws tend to hide back teeth.)
  • Minimal or no drilling on teeth
  • Ability to change the color of teeth
  • They are glued to the tooth surface and not the sensitive tooth layer.
  • Fix a single tooth that is pushed back and not visible from certain angles.

With an artistic eye, Dr. Martin evaluates aesthetics and other factors to see if you are a candidate for MicroThin veneers. Call today for a consult if you are interested in MicroThin veneers.

Case Study

Kim was always unhappy with the shapes of her teeth and the spaces. She desired a fuller brighter smile that she would have confidence with in pictures and public. View photos


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