Bite Correction Braces

Should Your Teeth Bite and Fit Right?

Your Mouth is a complex machine with the precision of a Rolex watch. If the gears do not work smoothly and effortlessly it will break and not keep time. If your teeth fit together improperly and function is not coordinated, a laundry list of issues might arise.

These include:

  • worn, chipped, notched or broken teeth
  • sore neck and shoulder muscles
  • gum and bone loss
  • migranes and headaches
  • mouth that may have limited opening, soreness and tires easily

Just like a set of car tires, your teeth may need to be adjusted, aligned and sometimes replaced to make everything work smoother with less wear and tear. Jaw muscles are some of the most powerful in the body. In dentistry, we reshape teeth, move teeth with aligners and braces and sometimes replaces chewing areas with crowns, bridges and implants.

Health of the bony foundation of the teeth and supporting tissue are the most important factors in keeping your teeth for a lifetime. By correcting your bite we are attempting to stop problems before they occur. The teeth must come together in a way that makes as many touch as possible with even pressure.

Neglect of the chewing machine over time can cause the loss of many or all of your teeth! Please make an appointment for Dr. Martin to see if your teeth bite and fit right.


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