Teeth Whitening

There are many teeth whitening product that will help get your teeth white. Your dentist can help you find the right teeth whitening product that will work for you.

Ionic Teeth Whitening

By Matt Wittchow -- Ionic teeth whitening is a teeth whitening process where teeth whitening products such as whitening gel, a mouth piece, as well as LED light are being used. You would need to put a special gel on the mouth piece or directly to your teeth, depending which would be easier for you. Then the mouth piece is fitted on to your teeth to hold the gel so that it will come in contact with your teeth... more

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Teeth Whitening Tips at Home

By Matt Wittchow -- Teeth whitening does not have to be expensive. There are a lot of teeth whitening products out there that cost lesser than regular toothpaste by using common household items like oranges and baking soda. And with the constant rising of the prices commodities, it is no wonder that many people choose home-made remedies to achieve teeth whitening than opt for professional help. Here are some of the most effective teeth whitening tips you can do... more