Health Care

Many children don't have the health care coverage because the family can't afford it. Having a universal health care for everyone will insure that that low income family will have health care for their children.

Solving the Health Care Dilemma

By Harris R. Sherline -- All state-run health care systems have one thing in common: rationing. Not necessarily involving the use of ration cards, but rationing nonetheless. Rationing of resources. The cause is a devilishly simple principle that's present in all nationalized health care programs. That is, it's free, or so low cost that it's almost free. Basic economics clearly demonstrates that whenever something is free, the demand quickly becomes unlimited. The lower the price, the greater the demand. Give... more

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Canadian Health Care: The Difference

By David Faulkner -- Canada is a former member of the British Empire, not that you would know to look at it at the moment! It is now a long-standing independent country but still bears a resemblance to the country that it was once under in certain ways, and health care is one of those ways. Canada health care is extremely good and based on the national health care system still in existence in the UK. In other words... more

Universal Health Care Is An Important Goal

By Roland Jefferson III -- Universal health care is important for the health of each individual, but also for the health of the community. Universal health care refers to the idea that all of the people in a community or country have access to great health care. Universal health care means that no one should go without health insurance just because they are unemployed or unmarried. Universal health care means that all children should receive the health care that they... more

Personal Health Care Products

By Danny Wright -- Personal health care products are things that practically everyone needs for one reason or the other. It can be medical products, hygiene products or beautifying products. Whatever the product, everyone has to buy it frequently. With the advent of the internet, there is no need of going to a store as all your personal health care products can be bought while sitting in the comfort of your home. Buying personal health care products online is... more

How to Choose Affordable Health Insurance Plans

By Kathleen Chester -- With the rise in health care costs, it is simply outrageous to think that a good chunk of the American population is still uninsured, for whatever reasons. Of course, one of the easiest ways to get affordable health insurance plans is through an employer who offers health insurance as a part of the perks. However, what happens if you are not employed? Or, if your state allows you to choose more than one plan? In... more

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Guidelines For Proper Health Care - Cancer Screening

By Gina Clark -- Caring for yourself is important for a long, healthy life. This includes proper health care and medical screenings. Use these guidelines as a basis to ensure you receive proper health care. Monthly, you need to check your body for changes that could be caused by skin cancer. You should look for any changes in moles or other marks on your skin. Especially notice if it is Asymmetric, if the Border is blurred, the Color varies... more

Affordable Health Care is Slipping Away

By Morgan Hamilton -- Affordable health care is one of the things that everyone all over the country wants. The cost of health care has sky rocketed in the past few decades. In the past, many of us rely on our employers to provide good, affordable health care. However, businesses are now cutting worker's benefits to cut costs. Fortunately, it's still possible to be adequately covered in case of a medical emergency. It is unfortunate that employers are cutting... more