Charleston South Carolina

Come and visit Charleston South Carolina for your next vacation travel destination. Charleston South Carolina has a rich history that was dated back to the American Revolution.

Enjoy a Weekend in Coastal Charleston

By Kathryn Lively -- If we had to pick any city on the Eastern seaboard for a relaxing weekend getaway, hands down we will select Charleston, South Carolina every time. Nestled against the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, situated almost dead center on the state's coastline border, Charleston is great little town rich in antebellum history, colorful architecture, and fine lowcountry cuisine. The downtown area provides visitors with many opportunities to enjoy individual or guided walking tours, taking in... more

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Enjoy All That South Carolina Has To Offer

By Tim Stewart -- Some people think about South Carolina and their thoughts seem to get stuck around Myrtle Beach. Others think about South Carolina and immediately consider the classic beauty of Charleston. The lucky few, however, when they think about South Carolina find themselves breathing a little easier, thinking about the beauty of Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Those who have experienced the beauty of Spartanburg County recognize the rich landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They look back... more