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Dentistry as an Art

Advances in dental aesthetics are nothing short of amazing! In the last 10 yeas, the clinical research to gain ideal cosmetic results and material durability far exceed prior decades.

Would you believe...

  • Some porcelain crowns are so translucent (natural in appearance) that dental professionals can’t distinguish the crown from the natural tooth outside the dental chair.
  • Restorative filling materials can be shaded to precisely match the natural tooth color.
  • You can whiten your teeth while sleeping at night.
  • Some teeth that were crooked can appear “straightened” without braces.
  • Implants (single tooth replacements) replace missing teeth with the function and visual appeal of natural teeth.
  • There are “braces” (orthodontic appliances) that are unnoticeable to others.

If you are pleased with your smile, let us help you keep your beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Perhaps there are things that you wish you could change about your smile...there is a good chance that you can.

During your visit to West Ashley Dental Associates, share with us your goals for a beautiful smile.

We’ll listen and work with you to achieve the most pleasing results.

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